Building A Car Wash

If you’re considering building a car wash from the ground up vs buying an existing car wash, there’s a lot to consider such as:

  1. How much does it cost to build a car wash?
  2. How do you buy and finance the land and construction of the car wash?
  3. What is the typical site location criteria for a car wash?
  4. What are the steps involved to build a car wash?

Since we also find sites for car washes, we are well versed with the broad requirements and can share that information for you as you navigate and research your options.   

Here are some links that you can visit for more information on building a car wash from the ground up!

  • Site Criteria
  • Car Wash Building Development Process
  • Financing land and construction of your car wash.
  • Due Diligence

To build your car wash, choose from the following features below: