Site Criteria

Now that you’ve decided that you might want to build a car wash vs buying existing, where do you start in qualifying what is a good location vs a bad location for a car wash?

There are different views on this, and experienced car wash operators/developers have their own set of criteria that they apply in their business models, but generally, there are basic guidelines that you should follow.

Understanding that site selection is the most important part of having a successful car wash, we have worked and consulted with several industry specialists, and among several other factors that they look at, the following are the most weighted variables that are studied.

  • Demographics
    • Percentage of population
    • Average household size
    • Average income per household
  • Traffic Counts
  • Traffic Speed:
  • Retail Support
  • Accessibility

We can help you with these reports and establishing the criteria widely used in car wash site selection.

If you need help with locating sites for a car wash, then feel free to contact us.  We have access to sites Texas wide!