Types of Car Washes

You may not know that there are various ways a car wash can be operated. Each is dependent on various factors such as; how much lot space you have, location and of course, budget. Choosing the right car wash with amenities is very important. Before you begin your search, we recommend you read the following descriptions below to get better acquainted with the landscape you will be working with. Some car wash listings have a mixture of any of these services, so be sure to consider that when conducting your research.

Express Automatic Tunnel

Vehicle drives to a conveyor, then continues through the tunnel at completion of service. Conveyor-type car washes work on a hydraulic system that automates the process. When the service is completed, the driver pulls through the end of the tunnel.

Flex Automatic Tunnel

Just like express automatic tunnel, the driver pulls through a conveyor belt system for automated service. However, this one includes additional detailing services for a more complete cleaning and waxing service. Service options are ‘flexible’ and provide a wider price range.

Full Service

This is where a team of service men and women take care of the entire process. Driver is escorted to a waiting area or in some cases allowed to sit in the vehicle while the staff cleans and details based on the service options desired.

In-Bay (Friction)

This type of operation has a guided system usually on a LED screen that directs the driver when to stop and put their car on ‘Park’. There is no conveyor system as driver pulls through the tunnel. Friction operation use industrial tools that connect with the vehicle to provide service.

In-Bay (Touch Free)

This operation uses touch free cleaning for the vehicle through jets which spray water and cleaning solvents onto the car, followed by a powerful blow drying system. Much like the friction based version, drive is guided through the tunnel by instructions, told when to stop and when to proceed.

Self Service

Traditional method of cleaning, using the facilities utilities to offer their own service. Driver can utilize a timed water spray and cleaning solvent to perform the service manually.

Self Service (with In-Bay)

Full self service, with the addition of an in-bay enclosure that may include additional features such as detailing options for a better cleaning operation.